According to a fellow researcher many churchbooks of Groß-Wandris existed before WW II – but unfortunately only one is still existing. It contains the years 1808 - 1820 (Christenings, Marriages, Deaths) where you can find the eldest ancestor of our family in Germany and of the Teusner families in Australia as well: Johann Karl TEUSNER, shoemaker and freegardener. He was married to Anna Rosina Scheide and they had five children:

i Johann GOTTLIEB TEUSNER    * 03.07.1805
emigrated 1848 with wife and children to South Australia
ii Gottfried Wilhelm TEUSNER    * 03.03.1808  (churchbook)
stayed in Silesia (our family)
iii Anna Rosina TEUSNER    * 06.01.1810
+ 22.03.1810
iv Maria Rosina TEUSNER    * 13.10.1812
v Friedrich Wilhelm TEUSNER    * 24.07.1814
+ 05.08.1814

Anna Rosina died 06.08.1815, one year after giving birth to her youngest child. Johann Karl Teusner most probably married again shortly after – but no further details could be found.

A link to other TEUSNER families (from Poischwitz) is perhaps Georg Friedrich TEUSNER, armour- and blacksmith in Lobris, who was sponsor (godfather) for almost all children of Johann Karl Teusner. It is very likely that he was one of Johann Karl's brothers.